Monday, January 4, 2016

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
I plan to be a vet and help animals because they should be treated with respect and kindness. The steps I would do to be a vet are
-Go to a good college and studying to be a vet. 
- Apply for the job or intern at a vet hospital to get a good experience 
I also adopted a shelter dog. If people think shelter dogs are bad they aren't. Even they have been on the streets so what even if they have been on the streets doesnt matter as long as they are healthy and happy. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The police officer
By Lanna Dawson
It was dark and gloomy outside of the police office. There was a knock on the door and as I wondered who could be knocking at 10:30 at night. I walked down the long, creepy hallway. I saw a man standing there with what looked with a hood on and I couldn’t see his face. I unlocked the door slowly and the guy was a tall man with, well, I couldn’t see his face or anything so I couldn't  really describe his face. The guy just stood there. The lights flickered.
When the lights turned back on, I didn’t see the man and I wondered where he went because the door is shut and I didn't hear anything. The phone rang and I ran to the phone to answer it and on the other end of the phone there was a girl who called herself Molly. She started crying and couldn't speak because she was so scared.
I said “where are you Molly?”
Molly replied,quickly“I don't know where I am”
I said, “Is anyone near you?”
Molly said, “Yes there is a big group chasing me”
I asked, “Are you running?”
Molly said, “Yes, because I don't want to die”
The phone went dead.
I heard weird noises in the hallway. I came out of my office and I got my flashlight because there were no one in the hallway because it was an abandoned station. The lights went on and off so that's why I brought my flashlight. I got to the noise. The creepy man was in a room with a lot of boxes and he was looking for something.
He made his way to the locker room and continued looking .
As the man looked through the boxes I said loudly “How are you still here and why are you here”
“Because I lost something that means a lot to me”
I asked “what did you lose?”
“A picture of me and my dad”
“Oh” I said as I walk away.
The phone rang again and I said
“Hello this is police officer Jane, how may I help you”
it was Molly again “HELP!”
Jane said “ok where are you?” LANNA
“Umm… I don't know but i’m running”
She said “what is near you?
Molly said “well there is a pet store near me and a graveyard”
“Oh ok go through the graveyard and run right through it because your fear will go away.” Molly walked in the graveyard. Molly was running and she saw a abandoned house. She went in like the curious kid she is. She walked up the creaky stairs because it was old and the house was falling apart. She opened the old rusty door. She walked in and says “hello, anyone home” I didn't hear a response. She walked in the kitchen and she saw a cat that was black. It was really skinny. I tried to pet it but it almost scratched me so I walked away.
I walked up the stairs. I went in a room that looked like a kids room. There was still furniture in there and there were paintings on the wall. There were also a lot of pictures. I looked at the pictures on the wall and there was a picture of a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and her dad and mom and older brother. She was like “OMG they lived here”
She went in the teens room or what looked like a teen room. She saw an adult playing with his old toys from his childhood. I looked at the picture and I looked at the man. It was the same boy that was in the picture. I said “hello what are you doing in here?” The man replied with a quiet voice. I didn't hear him so I said “can you repeat what you just said” The man said “come closer with a pointing finger slowly. I didn't know if I should go so I went anyway because I wanted to see up close if he was the actual man in the picture that I found in here.
As I walked closer and closer to him I looked at him closely and said “are you the man in this picture?” He said “yes why”
Well because you are in your old house and I was looking around the house and I just saw the picture and you look just like the boy in the picture.
He didn't know what to say so he just sat there in silence. I said “well nice meeting you I have to go now”
“Ok nice meeting you too, I guess” mumbled to himself
As I walk down the stairs he didn't move so I kept walking and when I got down the stairs fully I started to sprint because the man looked creepy and I didn't know if he was the man I just thought he was because he looked like the guy in the picture.
As I ran outside the house frantically I called Jane again. “Hello is this still Jane?”
“yes this is Jane”
“I need help”
“Why what is happening now”
I said “Um….I went into the graveyard like you said and I saw a picture and I saw the man”
“Um… Ok now where are you?”
I don't really know but i’m on a street and the sign says-----(Pause) dead man’s lane”
“Ok get out of there because that is never a good place to be in dead man's lane”
Molly started laughing. Molly was laughing so hard to say that it was all a prank. Molly hung up the phone. Jane was finally going crazy after that message and she went to the room where the guy was and she locked him up in the iron room and he was yelling at her to say “get me out of here!” and 1 hour later she saw dead people hanging in the room and she pulled out her gun and she opened the door and ----bam,bam went the gun at the guy. She heard a knock at the back door and she still had the gun in her hand and she pulled the trigger and BOOM, BAM went the gun at the people. She heard walking in the room and she turned around and she saw her boss because he got a call and said that she was shooting. She went in the corner with a scared face because he pulled out the gun and BOOM! The gunshot went off…...

The end

Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Ring” went the bell because class was out. I walked into the hallway and my best friend came up to me with a shocked face. She said to me “guess what” I said “what” The boy I liked asked me out said Molly.
I said “really”
Molly said yeah”
I said “when did he ask you?”
“May 4th why” said Megan
“NO that's the night of the dance”
“Oh are you going to the game or are you going to go to the dance”said Megan
Molly said “I don't know I feel bad blowing off Matt”
It’s ok maybe you can work something out with him about the dance” said Megan
“That’s it thanks bestie for the idea” said Molly
Megan checked on her grades and she didn't see good ones. She had a scared face on because she might not be able to play in the championship game. Megan told Molly and Molly said “Why can't you play the grades aren't that bad”
Yes they are you have to have all A’s B’s and 1 C and I have 2 C’s” said Megan
I went into class and the teacher told me right away to go down to the principal's office because she wants to see you. I wondered “Why would the principal want to see me. I walked down the long hallway slowly because maybe the longer it took to get there I could skip the whole class period.
The principal was using her fingers and pointing them at me and moving them in a “come to me” motion. I got so scared because usually when principal’s do that it means you are in trouble. She said “come in I don’t bite. Its nothing bad” She sat me down. She said
“Have you looked at your grades lately and I said
Your parents and I think it’s best for you to only have 2 choices because your grades aren't the best. Would you like to either stay at school and quit lacrosse or be homeschooled and stay playing lacrosse. The principal said “I will give you till tomorrow to think about it. Talk with your parents about it.
Then at home my parents were standing at the door with their arms crossed and they looked really mad. They had a mad face on. They told me to sit down on the couch. As I sat down they said “well did you get called to the office today”
I said “Yes you heard”
“Oh yes we did and we expect better grades from you” said mom and dad
“Why do you have bad grades?” said mom
“I don’t know but the principle thinks its from lacrosse because I am too obsessed”
Dad said “Well you can't play lacrosse anymore until you get the grades up”
Mom said “well then you better get your grades up and we will think about letting you play in the championship game”
“I will get my grades up thanks mom”
The next day
“Molly I need to tell you something” said Megan
“I need to tell you something too Megan”
“Ok tell me” said Megan
“Well I decided that i’m going to play in the championship game me and Matt worked it out” said Molly
“Ummmm about that…..I have bad grades and my mom said if I don’t get them up by the championship game than I can't play in the game” said Megan
“Oh well you need to get them up fast because the championship game is in 1 week”
As I open my locker wondering “how can I bring up my grade?”
Justin my crush since 2ed grade said “Hey Megan are you playing in the championship game?”
I said “yes if I can bring up my grades in 1 week”
“I have an idea how you can bring up your grade in 1 week” said Justin
“How” said Megan
“You hack the internet school system” said Justin
“I said thanks for making that suggestion but I will ask the teachers how I can bring up my grade” said Megan
Megan walks down the hallway to go to her next class. I walk into the classroom. It’s a new marking period so I don’t know who is in my class. I was wondering “who was in my class because I was the first one in the class” Then Molly walks in and we were in the same class and we didn't know that we were in the same class.
After everyone walks in I turn around with a smile on my face because I said in my head “that this will be a good end of the year” I looked at someone that I didn't see before. The teacher called his name and said “come to the front of the class please and introduce yourself” he walked up slowly and he had a shy face on.
He walked up to the front of the class. He said his name was Jackson. As Jackson was up in the front he had short blonde hair with a pierced ear. I didn't notice that Josh was in my class and I whispered to Molly that Josh was in the class and I also said that this would be a good year. I said that because he is my crush and he sits 2 seats behind me and the new kid is in the middle of us.
The bell rang and we all rushed out of the classroom and Molly said “I will catch you later”
I said “Ok” I went to gym class because that was next. Josh was standing next to me.
“Hey” Josh said
I said hey” back
“So what are you doing tonight” said Josh
I said “Nothing why”
Josh said because “I wanted to hangout with you because you are cool”
“I would love to hangout this friday” said Megan
Thursday passed by fast and now its friday. I asked Josh for his number because so we could text. He gave me his and he said “what's yours” I gave it to him. He said he would text me. The day felt so long because we had all our classes today and they were longer than usual.
The day was finally over. Josh texted me and said “hey”
I said “hey back” and the conversation finally ended after we had nothing else to say. I said “one more thing” He said “yeah” I said “when are we meeting and where” He said “7:00 and Ummm the park” I said “Ok see you there”
I was on my way to the park and Josh called me and said “hey where are you”
I said I’m almost there” he said “Ok bye” I saw josh in a tree because i’m guessing he was bored. I said “Josh why are you in a tree” He said “because I was bored because there is nothing else to do here”
The hangout was over because we both had to go. I said “Hey Josh I had fun tonight” “I did too” said Josh. It was the day before the championship game and me and Molly we so excited. We practiced for about 4 hours because we need to be the best at the game.
At the game. We were so pumped with a lot of energy in us. We were practicing throwing the ball to each other and we were all doing good. The coach called names to go on the field right now to play for how long she wants you to play. As the ref put the ball in between mine and the opposite teams stick I heard from behind me “You can do it Megan” “I believe in you” I blocked out all the other teams booing and I said to myself “I can do this”
The whistle blew my stick went flying up in the air like a rocket when it shoots out of the ground. I got the ball and I cradled it down the field and I faked the one girl out and then I passed it to Molly. Molly went to the goal and she was cradling hard so the opponent can't get the ball from her. She scored and she said “it was all like slow motion”
The game was finally over. We shook hands. Molly came over to me and said “you did really good today” I said back “you too” Josh and Matt surprised us a the game. Molly said “OMG why are you here” (in a good way) Josh came over to me and gave me a hug and said “you did good today” I said “thanks”
We all went to get ice cream to celebrate the victory of our win. I said to Josh “why did you hug me I thought you didn't like me” He said I do like you it’s just not easy to tell a girl that you like her” We hugged again. I said “I like you too I don’t want to tell you because if you didn't like me than that would be weird”


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My story is about a girl who is obsessed with lacrosse. She has a problem and the problem is that she doesn't know if she should go to the dance with the guy who asked her to go with him or playing lacrosse with her team. They are undefeated.
I changed my story because I just somehow got too carried away and I wrote a horror story. I am writing a story that was my original idea. It was about a girl who loves lacrosse. The principle called her down and said you have 2 choices to quit lacrosse and stay at school or be home schooled and stay playing lacrosse. She didn't know what to pick because she didn't want to leave her friends and her crush. She sneaks playing lacrosse and doesn't tell her parents.